Why it’s important to hire a PR team?

Why it’s important to hire a PR team?

Public relations is the image the people portray in their mind for a certain public figure or organization. When we speak about PR we need to accept that it is needed in all niches who have a public representation of their product or service, need communications within the team and outside it. The job of a PR varies from the needs and goals of those who initiate it. It can be for a certain campaign, or it can be the long term representation of the public figure or organization. As well, the PR person needs to have a close relationship with the marketing team so they align their content for the public with the public representation. And when things are not going as planned the PR will be the person representing and gaining information from the people to manage that crisis in a rightful manner. So through this article we will dive into the importance of having a PR team as an independent artist.

How can PR be used in music?

As we said earlier PR can be used both long and short term to present the recognition of the artist. So when we are speaking of PR in music we can go different directions depending on our strategy.

For the long term it can help the artist present himself to the public and have a broader understanding of how he can promote his or her music. The PR needs to know the schedule of the artist because he or she is the main component that generates media’s attention. They need ideas that can present him in the light of the public, constantly communicating with people involved in the career of the artist and factor outside, like venues, journalists, etc.

Getting the media’s attention is a highly difficult and draining task. That is why you can benefit from a PR team handling that job for you, contacting the right magazines, when to contact them, and coming up with interesting ideas to collaborate with them can be some of the tasks the PR team can handle when it comes down to magazine and blog exposure.

PR will always be handy in getting media’s attention for digital media, like magazines and blogs. Those are the sites that review singles, albums, tours, or anything interesting an artist creates in general. It can be a great way to get new loyal listeners on your playlists, because their readers are genuinely interested in consuming news about music. As well, new and up and coming artists can benefit from a PR team by presenting their image to the public how they intend to and be aware of how the public is seeing him.

The PR team is a benefit asset to gathering information in the long term with defining goals to execute a strategy in a certain time frame. The team plans the whole process and can see the bigger picture in getting the recognition the artist deserves. If you are not getting press coverage you feel you deserve a PR team could be the answer to your problems. It can get in contact with different media outlets and use different PR activities to expose you to the public. The way you can measure a PR team is numerous, but the numbers rarely lie. The goal of what can be the measurement of the PR team’s success is different from one situation to another, but it will always be defined beforehand.

It can always help in the short term as well. When an artist publishes some new music he tends to rate how that certain project can do if the right PR is done. So the artist often gets a PR specialist for a certain campaign to present his new music to a new range of public, and that can be done with PR campaigns, finding the right podcast, and music journalists to write about and interview the artist. The team can already have access to the right journalist depending on your needs, how many listeners you have, budget and outreach at that moment.

Hire a PR team with a passion

You always need to do some deep research in finding the PR team for your fit. The answer sometimes be a small PR group that strives your passion, or maybe a bigger PR group that has already proved its success through your genre.

As Lauren Tate, singer with garage-rockers Hands Off Gretel, was entrusting new album Want The World to a publicist with the personal touch. She stated: “We looked for someone who was passionate about our music and wanted to meet in person to chat through our campaign and what we were about.” So having this in mind PR is the gateway for people finding out about your music, and having a good personal relationship with the PR team.

How long they have been doing PR can be a huge factor to what you can expect from them, if they have been doing it for a while in your industry you can expect them to penetrate on those leads faster and have a concept they already have had success with.

Press Kit

You will benefit from the PR team with the press kit they will make for you for contacting new leads and sharing your music with music journalists, critics and reporters.

The press kit contains facts about the artists, the music that is being promoted, it contains all the links where your music can be heard and streamed, as well access to the needed information for journalists to prep up a review and contacts if they have any questions.

A press kit is needed not only by publications and magazines, but generally everyone needs the tools that a press kit provides. If someone finds interest in promoting and talking about your music a press kit is something you sent to them. With sending the press kit you are speaking to them that you find interest in their content, and this is everything you need to put a story together and contact us for any other questions.

So I hope you found this article helpful in making the right choice when looking for a PR team to cover your needs, and how it can be helpful in the long and short term.