Why Hip Hop Love Songs are Underrated?

The sweetest yet the forgotten …

Hip-hop love songs are extremely underrated, and the lyrics written by the rappers or rappers themselves are not considered worth it. But the best hip-hop love songs are artistic — bringing new vibes and authenticity to the love song genre while still displaying the chic style of rap.

Here, you will find underrated rap love songs to add to your music, including:

  • Led Zeppelin – “Going to California”
  • David Bowie – “Heroes”
  • Zero 7 ft Sia – “Destiny.”
  • The Paper Kites – “Bloom”

Make sure to scroll through the links where you will find this curated list for all your musical planning needs!

Led Zeppelin – “Going to California”

As we live in California, we get a lot of fans that want to give their family the real California experience through music. We’ve done a couple of different experiments with different genres of love songs, a summer the pop wedding, or a hip-hop rave or travel favorite. This one works with all of them.

David Bowie – “Heroes”

This is the finest, most nostalgic, romantic song to celebrate love and support for each other.

Zero 7 ft Sia – “Destiny.”

Their songs can not be limited to one genre. In fact, they fall under various song genres indie, folk, hip hop, and electronica. This specific song includes Sia, who is a remarkable writer with an amazing voice that brings this love song to life.

The Paper Kites “Bloom”

This track is so lovely and has a perfect summer outdoor feel with the guitar-based melodies. For those boho hearts, this song does justice to their choice of a perfect song.

Source: TAMZ